Star Trek, Ads Only!

Classic episodes of Star Trek with none of the copyright-violating actual content and ALL of the ads, wrappers, teasers, and bumpers from the local independent and UPN affiliate stations who ran the shows! Add your Contribution to the “Star Trek, Ads Only” Playlist and Project!…Read on!Star Trek, Ads Only!

Trekweb VOY & DS9 Archive

An Archive of a Few Old Forum Reviews, My Responses and Articles, and Interviews… It’s been twenty years since Star Trek: Voyager—possibly the most argued and srutinized series in the franchise based on debates at the time on internet forums like Trekweb—went off the…Read on!Trekweb VOY & DS9 Archive

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Alternate-Sony, PSVita, and the PSP Too – The Road Not Taken

In the remote location known as Katorga-12, scientists have discovered the January 2012 issue of Gamepro magazine, a publication that, as we know it, ceased all operations with the November 2011 issue.  Though badly singed, and missing many of its pages, a few interesting tidbits were…Read on!Alternate-Sony, PSVita, and the PSP Too – The Road Not Taken