Too Human Motion Box

2021 Update – So the relevancy of any rareness for Silicon Knight games like Too Human was sort of diminished last year when Microsoft offered the digital verion of the game for free on the XBox Marketplace. I’m glad that more people get to play the game, but I also wonder if Epic is kind of super-fine with any talk about this game quietly fading away to internet nothingness, too.

So I posted some work in an earlier post that was inspired by a NeoGAF thread called “Real Next Gen Box Art (Mobile GIF Warning)” which I also added to with this Too Human Motion Box starring Jeff Gerstmann. This cover has less to do with the actual game and more to do with the fact that it was delisted from digital storefront and pulled from shelves (ostensibly) after the conclusion of the Silicon Knight Vs Epic Games lawsuit:

Too Human Animated GIF Video Game Box

Later I decided to revisit some of these on YouTube and ust decided to center the video around the original Giant Bombcast clip that inspired the piece in the first place:

Too Human Video Video Game Box

Funny stuff. <3 Ryan Davis RIP


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