UDraw GameTablet Motion Box

So I don’t frequent NeoGAF any more as I left when everyone else left when Tyler turned out to be the big jerk I had always sorta thought that he was, but whatever. Back when I was there I participated in a thread called “Real Next Gen Box Art (Mobile GIF Warning)” with the community, which was packed then with brilliant people. THQ had recently gone under at the time, primarily due to the disasterous results of one expensive product, so I took a swipe at that:

UDraw GameTablet Animated GIF Video Game Box

Years later I was crawling around for stuff to put on a neglected YouTube channel and I found a kind of funny set of interview footage with a THQ PR guy at E3 and ended up with something pretty weird and funny I guess:

UDraw GameTablet Video Video Game Box

That guy <3 rim jobs


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