God of War 3 Motion Box (Wad of Gore)

So it all started with one of my Haiku Reviews on Bitmob, which first led me to pull the God of War 3 cover into Photoshop for some fun. Then later on, after hitting the 2011 Video Game Anagram Cover thread on NeoGAF, I went ahead and made a thing out of it:

Wad of Gore Static Video Game Box

So then later, about a year later, to be precise, there was this other GAF thread called “Real Next Gen Box Art (Mobile GIF Warning)” which led me to revisit the design to try and bring it to life in animated form. I did a few designs for this thread you can find in some other posts. Here’s this one:

Wad of Gore GIF Video Game Box

Then I guess about five years later I was just messing around for something to upload to a YouTube channel so I went ahead and made a full video version of the previous no-audio animated video game box… to make a… video… video game box!

Wad of Gore Video Video Game Box


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