Resident Evil 6 Motion Box

I wish I had thought of th idea myself. It all started one day when I ran across a NeoGAF thread called “Real Next Gen Box Art (Mobile GIF Warning)” which inspired me to start cracking away in Photoshop and After Effects. My first attempt, to knock out something quick and doable, just slapped the “eyeball” clip from Zombi 2 in there to throw some shade at the recently-reviled Resident Evil 6:

Resident Evil 6 GIF Video Game Box #1

But, not only is that Zombi 2 clip one of the epic gore gross-outs in cinema, leaving the resultant GIF an unwatchable looping nightmare, but I really didn’t hate Resident Evil 6. My daughter and I played th game in co-op, both when it came out and since, and even though it’s got problms we didn’t hate it. Not as much as the first GIF would indicate.

Actual Resident Evil 6 Box Art

So, instead, I set to work making another GIF to make fun of the logo for the game, which, if you didn’t know, was wildly mocked n the internet at time of release for appearing to be a profile silhouette of a standing giraffe receiving oral copulation from a standing woman. I got a ban from posting the image so I replaced with the edited on you see above, but the tame unedited one is posted here:

Resident Evil 6 GIF Video Game Box #2

This design, like the FTL Moion Box on, grabbed a video to serve as its basis. So, later when I decided to revisit some of these as I was messing around on YouTube and making some videos, it made perfect sense to make one for this one too:

Resident Evil 6 Video Video Game Box

The underlying animation for the Game Motion Box is called Colin’s Giraffe:

Colin’s Giraffe

Colin’s Giraffe itself is also a derivative work, dedicated to Colin’s Bear, the original:

Colin’s Bear

Apparently some sort of Garfield dancing meme was later born of this video but don’t believe the hype this is the original. I am also just another echo. Cheers!


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