Team Motivatospeak Gobble-Dee-Gook

I’m looking for work right now.  I’m finding contract gigs, lots of people who are looking for services a lot more than they are looking for employees.  Companies value the skills I offer, and right now, I am able to continue to try to specialize in my unique skills, rather than accept a simple job and trade all my time for a much smaller amount of money.

That might change.  My resources, and patience, is dwindling.  One thing I will not trade away, however, is my dignity.  Dig what the employees at my local Taco Bell have to both swallow and, no doubt, memorize, in order to retain their job:

 A quote from this masterpiece in “Team Motivatospeak Gobble-Dee-Gook”:


“We begin by asking ourselves, ‘What can I do NOW to get breakthrough results in my piece of Yum?!’  Our intentionality drives step change thinking.  We imagine how big something can be and work future-back, going full out with positive energy and personal accountibility to make it happen.”

I’m trying to imagine the distance between the Motivatospeech Writer–whose job it is, apparently, to develop mantras, full of made-up buzz-words, woefully short on meaning–and the front-line employee–whose job it is to cook and serve good food in a clean restaurant… and satisfy corporate management that they are developing the correct “intentionality” when it comes to their “piece of Yum.”

Guess which employee is overpaid.  Seriously.


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