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Folded Mind #003 – Men Named Dana

I hope the young male Dana’s of these tumultuous days are able to turn away from the example of Dana White Jr. in his slavish continued loyalty to not only Donald Trump but also all the precepts and requirements of “being a man” that White and his fellow man-o-sphere circus barkers like Joe Rogan exemplify. There is a healthier, deeper, more real “masculinity” that comes from inside……Read on!Folded Mind #003 – Men Named Dana

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Folded Mind #002: Freeze-Flattened Fingers from Sin City

I’m amazed that young Dana thought to note his concern but entirely missed the meat of the story: where the issue came from. I insisted quite mistakenly, in fact, that there was “no reason.” I had a very good reason for weird shit to be happening to my fingers. See, when I was sixteen I went on a trip to Vegas with my family, and there I went through a fairly stupid misadventure which practically destroyed the fingertips on my right hand, and left them without fingerprints for months.…Read on!Folded Mind #002: Freeze-Flattened Fingers from Sin City

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Folded Mind #001: Reflections on a Journal… Thirty Years Later

It’s funny looking back now at the things that haven’t changed. I’ve never been to Maine, but I did spend a lot of my teenage years reading Stephen King’s bibliography, and I’ll bet a lot of my early writings in here will show a great degree of imitation of his work–not really intended as flattery since I didn’t have the level of self-awareness at the time to label it such. I suppose that is what makes imitation flattery’s sincerest form.…Read on!Folded Mind #001: Reflections on a Journal… Thirty Years Later