Call of Duty 45 Video Game Box

2021 Update – Well I’m glad to see Voat finally took a digger so that info is gone for now though it’s not hard to find. I hate Trump. I hate what he’s done to this country and our people, and I hate the underlying fear and ignorance that feeds his power. Fuck Voat, and Parler, and Gab, and all those cesspools. They started as cesspools and they can fade away like a bad odor.

So I shared a few posts previously about some animated “Video Game Boxes” I had made as a goof after being prompted for the idea by a NeoGAF thread. After the shocking and disastrous election of the corrupt, racist, fascist, and seditious 45th president of the United States of America, I noticed all his crappy anti-immigration rhetoric about the wall really echoed an equally crappy future recently depicted in the era’s most crappy entry in the Call of Duty series:

Call of Duty 45 Animated GIF Video Game Box

I made a few versions of the thing, way before Kevin Spacey got outed as a creepy sexual molester as part of the #MeToo movement. The version cheering for Hilary Clinton has aged like milk since the foreign-influenced propaganda campaign to smear her name has largely been successfull in the memetic mentality of the internet. So, later in 2017, as Trump’s rhetoric around the wall became more toxic and he spouted dangerous escalation nonsense regarding nuclear arms races, I revisited the thing for YouTube with more of a Bernie Sanders 2020 slant.

Call of Duty 45 Video Video Game Box

I posted the GIF to GAF back in 2016, which subsequently got me doxxed with my full name on Voat by some asshole who wrote his long-since-deleted posts in broken English. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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