Jason with 1up Show Box Set

Game Press Appreciation – 1up Show Fan-Made Box Set

2020 UPDATE – Well as it turns out the newly relaunched EGM I mentioned in this article was only good for a few issues. The folks over at area5.tv are still there, however, having received my backing for their video game art and culture documentary series Outerlands. I know things this year have made it tough, but I’m still looking forward to their best work yet!

I’ve been a fan and a regular viewer of the work of the folks that run Area5.tv ever since the early days of the 1up Show. When they first started that project, with the help (and brilliant theme song) of Jane Pinckard, I didn’t even have a computer strong enough to let me watch their work at a decent frame rate. So, I began building DVD-Videos of their program. Five years later 1up.com let the crew go, and they began making their way as independant producers at area5.tv, producing Co-op, a fine reiteration on the theme.

To show these folks my appreciation, and help them have a handy copy of their work to enjoy in the future, I bought cases and made labels and sent the guys a “1up Show Box Set,” a labor of fan-love. The pictures (see: left) they published in their area5 blog post on the subject made me feel as appreciated as I hope I made them feel!

I was happy to see Jason’s unboxing!

Area5 is producing new video content at the newly redesigned Electronic Gaming Monthly, to which I just resubscribed. I suggest you check it out, with a free registration to see the digital version. Rock on, you guys!


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