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Happy Game Family Go! Podcast

Happy Game Family Go! Podcast

The Happy Game Family Go! Podcast is a show about games, that happens to come from a family. We will represent our perception of the games we play, our experiences with them, and our opinions of them. Without the pressure of demystifying ratings or making content recommendations for all families, we hope to simply represent the various viewpoints our family members have on all the games they play.

We produce this podcast in our own home, using Garageband and our trusty MacBook Pro, and soon hope to upgrade our equipment selection with some microphones to clean up sound quality!

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Graphic Gaming Editorial (Original Content):

Game Opinion - My Bitmob Blog:

Imbarkus @ Bitmob

Imbarkus at

Gamepro has launched a regular space in their magazine for user-created content from Bitmob, but they aren't the only publisher who is finding out that there is a lot of good original content being generated over there.

The brainchild of Dan Hsu and Demian Lynn, from classic Electronic Gaming Monthly days (and now participating in the new iteration, which looks great), bitmob allows game bloggers to self-publish their articles. One of my works, The Death of the Video Game Expert, with 7,426 views, was linked to and included some talking points and an infographic that were highlighted by mega-site Kotaku in their article There Are Too Many Damn Video Games, with 39,516 views. My internet fame will last forever!!! ;)

Game Opinion - Gamepro Magazine "Letters Section":

Imbarkus @ Gamepro

Imbarkus at

I've been following the Games Journalism work of John Davison since those classic days, through his tenure at (useful to me as a parent of two kids myself). So it was with excitement that I saw him taking over the reins as editor-in-chief of the new iteration of long-standing gaming magazine Gamepro. Although he has since moved on, my interest in the reformed magazine has not.

I have had a few comments and letters appear in the letter section of the print magazine. In celebration of Earth Day, they published an article on their site contemplating the environmental impact of our favorite hobby. My comment in response was featured in the August 2010 issue:

"I have always been perplexed why game publishers state they are so threatened by the used game business, yet offer no buy-back program of their own to remove the old material from the market. Imagine if Nintendo offered a discount on a virtual console title if you sent them the original cartridge. Microsoft could do the same thing with Games on Demand..."

Following the dismissal of Vince Zampella and Jason West as the heads of Inifinity Ward by their owner/publisher Activision, Gamepro wrote an interesting analysis of the implications for the Call of Duty franchise. Given that I had strong opinions regarding Activision's insistence that franchises be iterated upon on an annual basis, I had some comments to share that ended up as the June 2010 Letter of the Month.

Following up on an interesting editorial essay regarding the role of overt sexuality presented by the character of Bayonetta written by Leigh Alexander, news director at Gamasutra, I penned a hastily-written reply, which I was surprised and honored to have chosen as the print publication's Letter of the Month for April 2010.

Game Press Appreciation - 1up Show Fan-Made Box Set:

1up Show Box Set

I've been a fan and a regular viewer of the work of the folks that run ever since the early days of the 1up Show. When they first started that project, with the help (and brilliant theme song) of Jane Pinckard, I didn't even have a computer strong enough to let me watch their work at a decent frame rate. So, I began building DVD-Videos of their program. Five years later let the crew go, and they began making their way as independant producers at, producing Co-op, a fine reiteration on the theme.

To show these folks my appreciation, and help them have a handy copy of their work to enjoy in the future, I bought cases and made labels and sent the guys a "1up Show Box Set," a labor of fan-love. The pictures (see: left) they published in their area5 blog post on the subject made me feel as appreciated as I hope I made them feel!

Area5 is producing new video content at the newly redesigned Electronic Gaming Monthly, to which I just resubscribed. I suggest you check it out, with a free registration to see the digital version. Rock on, you guys!